Skullmammothmon and Blitzgreymon are the last obtainable evos in the line, since I'm not able to jogress them to get Super Ultimates. The age shows 12 but they're probably younger than that. Since they can basically live forever I might try and kill them in the battle to speed up the process of getting new … Continue reading 18/08


New device! It's a wave 1 DM20 since I'd like to try to get all the exclusive eggs. Will see what comes out of it 🙂 Keitai Akai arrived today! Had to take it apart to clean it and wipe the contacts so the buttons would be really responsive. It's a great little device with … Continue reading 17/08


EDIT: Gudetama passed away just now, he was hatched on the 5th of August. Shell Gudetama -> Platter Metal Greymon and Skull Greymon appeared yesterday evening before they went to sleep, sadly they won't be able to jogress because I picked the wrong evo path... But I think I did really well for my first … Continue reading 14/08


Today was a pretty chill day. Agumon evolved into Greymon as I expected but I forgot to do enough training so Gabumon changed into Angemon instead of Kabuterimon. It's alright as the evo tree leads to MetalGreymon anyway but I hoped for the best character. I decided to learn some crocheting so I could make … Continue reading 10/08


I'm battling my Agumon and Gabumon really hard they both keep getting injured really often. They (at least Agumon) should evolve tomorrow which means MORE BATTLES. They both went to sleep with some poop around them which meant they couldn't sleep together anymore. Some friendly soul on Discord told me it's actually okay to wake … Continue reading 10/08


Agumon and Gabumon so far did 33 tag battles and won 28 out of them. I'm hoping for a Greymon but Airdramon is also fine. Kinda lost track of my care mistakes because I've been napping a lot. I was thinking of doing a blind run as my 1st one, but decided to look up … Continue reading 8/08


A lot of stuff happened today. My angel Arael departed and caused the third impact. Took a good care of him and played the dodging game exclusively. My boyfriend did the same but only played the other game and got Leliel again. I think this info may be related to uncovering the correct evo pattern … Continue reading 6/08


Mamapatchi and her husband doing their fav daily activity which is enjoying bananas together. Evatchi has turned into Arael which I've obtained taking good care and playing around 10-20 perfect battle training games.