This device features 3 buttons which are context sensitive. On the main screen where you can see your angel pressing B will show you the clock, pressing C will show you his needs. Otherwise the buttons usually work like in other devices, as in:

A – Next, B – Choose, C – Cancel


After untabbing or resetting the device you will be greeted with a clock. Set the time to proceed. The animation will show Second Impact and your angel fetus will appear. He’s hungry!

Needs (Energy – feeding)

Since Evatchi doesn’t have menu icons like other tamagotchis do, you check your angel’s needs by pressing C (third button). There are 4 hidden “hearts” for both food and snacks. If the meters are completely empty, pressing C on the main screen will show your angel doing a sad animation. If the meters are partially filled, he will perform a happy animation. If the meters are full pressing C will make him come closer to your screen.

Minigames (Simulation)

There are two minigames, in the first one you dodge spears of longinus. Press A or B to dodge. The game will end with a Perfect score if you manage to dodge 10 of them.

In the other game you gotta wait for two symbols to perfectly line up. Press B to shoot. If the symbols aren’t lined up perfectly or you’re too slow you will miss the shot.

Cleaning the LCL

The environment around your angel will get dirty with time. Press A to clean it! If your cocoon is ready to be opened and the LCL is dirty, pressing A will prioritize opening the cocoon so watch out if you’re trying to get an angel from a higher tier.


It takes 24h from the birth of your fetus to develop a cocoon. It takes exactly 3 hours for the cocoon to be ready to open, you won’t be able to do anything during that time. You will notice the cocoon being ready when your angel stops doing a wiggling animation and starts bobbing up and down instead. When the cocoon is ready to be opened you can press A for it to evolve into one of the angels.


There are 3 tiers of angels and how long you are going to wait to hatch it will influences its evolution. The time measured is since the cocoon is ready to be opened to the actual opening. The actual requirements for each evolution are still being tested by people from the tama fandom, myself included. The guide will be updated accordingly.

AT field

If you neglect your angel it will open an AT field. You can coax it out by pressing the A button. Fail to do so and NERV will kill it, showing the death screen. (bad ending)


The fetus falls asleep at 8 PM, adult angel will fall asleep at 10 PM. You must turn the light off with the A button if that happens. In this Tamagotchi version, instead of Zzz you will see Nerv headquarters at night. Every angel, including the fetus wake up at 7 AM.

Random animations

You will see random scenes from the anime throughout the day. They are just nifty little screens that don’t really do anything. Pressing A will end the animation. The scenes don’t appear in the cocoon stage at all.


There are two endings on this device. You will know your angel is ready to depart if it moves to the right side of the screen. Pressing A will play one of the two animations:

  • Good one ends with your angel departing and triggering the Third Impact leaving words “おめでとう” (Congratulation!). Good job!
  • Bad one happens when you neglect your angel enough and leave it long enough in the AT field. It will play scenes from the anime showing which characters killed your angel.

If your angel departs or dies pressing A and C will make a new fetus appear.

Reset, mute and pause

  • On the back of the device you can find a reset button. It lets you start from the scratch, as in you never raised any angels before. It is not recommended, unless you really want to start from the beginning since the device counts what you’ve raised so far and lets you get special angels this way.
  • You can mute your evatchi by pressing A and C at the same time on the angel screen (this might take few tries to get it right since the buttons are so tiny!). It will open a sound menu where you can pick sound or on off.
  • There’s no official way of pausing the device like in Tamagotchi Connections, so to pause it you gotta go to the clock screen and press A and C at the same time. The hours will start blinking, which means your device has entered the clock setup mode. During that time everything is paused and you can use it as a pause feature when you’re busy. If you want to continue, set the time correctly again and press C button.

Special angels (Secret characters!)

In order to get those special angels, you have to raise all the angels from the corresponding tier.

  • Less than 4h tier – Adam, Lilith, Eva 01 (further evolution: Kaworu from Adam and Rei from Lilith)
  • 4-8 tier – The third angel
  • 8+ tier – Seventh angel