Gigapets Pixie

This guide is supposed to be an in-depth expansion of the original paper guide attached to the Gigapets Pixie. Be sure to read it first to get a basic idea of how to operate your pet.


There are 2 types of potions, basic and advanced. Before first evolution, you need to make basic potions for your pixie to affect its evolution (Happiness, Luck, Health potions). After that, for the second evolution, you need to create advanced potions (Sun and Moon potions). The difference between them is that advanced potions take more work as you need two basic ones to get one advanced potion.


Dew + Firefly = Happiness
Dew + Clover = Luck
Dew + Seed = Health


Health + Luck = Sun
Happiness + Health = Moon

Managing your Luck correctly

Running out of luck can happen if you keep making too many potions or lose doing spells. The best practice to avoid that is to keep one or two Luck potions in your inventory so you will be able to use them when your luck gets low. Make sure not to drop your luck to 0 as Pixie will refuse to drink ANY potions. Check your stats before you do spells or make new potions.

Stats and how you can affect them

Throughout Pixie’s life, there’s a lot of things that will affect its stats. Here’s a little guide I made that shows you how exactly they are affected. If you won’t do anything the stats will drop on their own with time, so make sure to check your Pixie from time to time.

Doctor-10to be tested
Game (win)-5+10
Game (loss)-5-5
Spell (win)
Spell (loss)-5-5-10

My Pixie refuses to do ANYTHING!

It’s probably past his bedtime! 9:30 pm is the time when you are supposed to let your Pixie sleep. If there are any alerts and flashing icons you won’t be able to take care of your Pixie’s needs until tomorrow morning.